Thursday, October 04, 2012

On the Move

All over the country, RVers are on the move. September and October are great months to travel. The weather is good in most parts of the country and the leaves are turning to bright shades of gold, red and orange in many places.

The first wave of snowbirds are heading south, like we are. That move may be very slow. We are waiting till the temps in Mesa drop out of the triple digits into the low 90s. And all along I-40 and I-25, people are headed for the Balloon Festival in Albuquerque. Two different people asked if we, too, were headed there. No, we're headed west and south.

In Gallup, we saw an Airstream Caravan going to the festival. We enjoyed the decorations in the USA RV Park there.

I would hate to try and sit on this saddle.

We couldn't believe the location of the TV satellite on this small RV. I hope they move it when they drive down the road.

We are spending two nights in Holbrook, AZ, along old Route 66. That is about all the town has going for it at this point.

We wandered through the town's cemetery. We found a number of graves marked as unknown. When we read about the town's history, we learned it was a really rough and tough place in the early years. When the Texas Rangers chased the outlaws from that state, they made their way to this part of Arizona. One year, at least 26 people were shot to death here. Maybe they are some of the unknowns in the cemetery.

You can tell a motel has been around a long time when you see it has refrigeration (air conditioning) and electric heat.

Some of the old signs are kind of cool and bring back memories of Historic Route 66.

The Navajo County Courthouse was built in 1898 and used that way until 1975. It now houses the visitor center and a museum.

All over the town you can see petrified wood. After all, the Petrified Forest is just down the road.

There are also murals on some of the buildings.

We ate breakfast at Tom and Suzie's Diner. The food was OK, but the building was like most of the town, old and run down, but very clean. Our RV park, OK RV, is the same way.

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