Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A Slice of Heaven

On January 13, we moved into the Bit-O-Heaven RV park in Donna, TX, while we attended training for our assignment at Santa Ana NWR. We couldn't park in the RV slot at the refuge until the people working the first half of the season finished up. This was our site in Heaven.

The park has RV sites and park models and it is full of Winter Texans. The sites are fairly small and crowded, but we had a grass front yard, something we hadn't seen in some time. It was the friendliest park we have ever spent time in. In the 12 days we were there, we met all of our neighbors. When we went out walking in the park, everyone, and I mean everyone, waved or said "hi." On our last morning there, a neighbor three spaces down knocked on our door just before 8 am. When John opened the door, she said, "It's baking day" and handed him a plate with two warm cinnamon rolls. From a stranger! Here are the rolls and three grapefruit we had picked the day before.

As we walked around the park we saw the following sights.

Anyone know what these flowers are?

Another cool golf cart.

What a creative planter for hen and chickens.

I'm not sure we were staying in heaven, but it was a good place for a time. Yesterday, we moved to our site at Santa Ana, where we will be parked through April. This is a little closer to heaven as a great RV site.

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  1. Looks like you have a great site at the refuge.