Wednesday, March 04, 2009

We had never seen this before

At most campgrounds we see 5th wheels and motor homes, with a few travel trailers thrown in. At places like Organ Pipe, we also see pickup campers and small vans. But we also encountered two unique units. As we were running, we passed what looked like a gypsy wagon, then in the next row we saw a sheepherder’s wagon. We ran by our trailer to get the camera, then back to take pictures.

The gypsy wagon was made by a father who was camping with his son. He designed and built it to hold his family and also to carry his motorcycle as they travel. His wife is attending college and asked the father and son to leave for a while so she could get more work done. They spent a week at Organ Pipe. We enjoyed talking to them.

The sheepherder’s wagon also was handmade. It’s somewhat like a folding tent trailer. The owner is making plans to build another one that is easier to set up.

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  1. The home made RV's are really interesting. One would think the creators were just as interesting.