Saturday, March 07, 2009

Cotton Days

We discovered that this weekend the nearby town of Coolidge, AZ, is celebrating Cotton Days. There was a parade at 10 am, followed by a cotton bale race, a beer garden and a motorcycle ride to the nearby Casa Grande National Monument. We really enjoy attending local festivals, so we made it a point to be in Coolide about 10. The parade consisted mainly of units from local businesses, from the Liberty Tax Service and Quizno's to a towing service, as well as elected officials and large tractors. After the parade we walked down to the city center where the festival was being held. The carnival included these dragons that twirl around like the old Tilt-a-Whirl did in our childhood.
We are in southern Arizona and there is a stong influence from Mexico. This booth sold little girl's dresses and little boy's serapes, as well as items for adults.

We ate lunch at Ofelia's. Here is John about to eat one of the Indian taco's on fry bread that we purchased. The bread looked much like a sopapilla before they topped it with fried hamburger, lettuce and cheese. We added a red hot sauce that was full of the seeds from hot chillis. We could really feel the heat and enjoyed the meal.
The cotton bale race paired two teams of two persons each, rolling these rectacular cotton bales down the street. The winner of each heat then took on another team, until the winner was declared.
We had a good morning. After lunch we drove to the Casa Grande National Monument to apply for a volunteer position for next winter. We discovered they where two couples short for the rest of this winter and are discussing with them the possibility we could work there for a month and discussing between ourselves whether that is what we want to do. Stay turned for further developments.

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