Monday, November 03, 2008

We're in Colorado

We are back in Colorado and this is our last night out in the RV for 2008. If cold and possibly snow weren't coming in the next 2-3 days, neither of us would be ready to move back into the house. It isn't a matter of coming "home." Our home is where we are at the moment—the RV for 7 to 8 months of the year, the house the rest of the time.

Here in the Denver area we have family and a lifetime of living, friends, history and most of all, family. When we are on the road we have adventure, new experiences, the opportunity to make new memories and new friends.

We are spending two nights at Chatfield State Park, about 12 miles from our house. We started out here in March. We are finally getting smart—it is easier to learn what we have forgotten to pack and easier to pack up and not forget to take something back to the house when we spend a couple of days doing all that. In past years we have had to ask our son to overnight the cord and charger to the computer; we have called home and said "please removed the lettuce I left in the refrigerator. It won't be any good when we return in several months." We also have returned to the trailer storage area to retrieve the forgotten bag of potatoes (wouldn't that have smelled great the next spring?)

The last four days of our 2008 travels have been spent here in Colorado, first in Lathrop State Park in Walsenburg, and now in Chatfield in Littleton. These sites have allowed us to really enjoy the large front window in our new RV. These two photos show our view of the Sangre de Cristo Range from Lathrop and of this morning's sunrise over the Denver metro area. These are really good memories as we end our travels.

Tomorrow we will winterize the trailer, take the last items back to the house and put the RV in storage for a few months. These tasks are always bittersweet.

Check the blog over the winter as we plan next year's travels.

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