Thursday, November 20, 2008

Life is Different Here

We've been back at the house for just over two weeks. Life is certainly different here.

We go to the Goodson Recreation Center to do our workouts and to run on the track. We lived most of the seven plus months we were on the road at low altitudes—sea level to maybe 2000 feet. About a month before we came back to the house we started taking iron supplements which allow our blood to carry more oxygen. Each time we go up 1000 feet or more, I have a tough time the first run or two. So I expected to have trouble when we ran the first time at the gym. I was delighted when I ran the entire three miles without having to slow down to a walk. It probably helped that we had run once while we were at Chatfield. That run I only made it a little over two miles.

One sign of our new way of life is when I change purses. When we are in the RV I always use my fanny pack. It holds all the things I need and frees both hands for whatever I want to do. If we do go somewhere that I want to look a little more sophisticated, I leave the fanny pack in the RV or the truck and John has to carry what I need. But when we are living in a house in a city I feel I have to be just a little more formal. So, on our first Saturday back I moved things into a small purse. I don't like the purse—it is too small. But I hate to buy another for only a few months. I just have to suffer a little while we are here.

When we return to the house there are always many tasks waiting—we sweep out the cobwebs, trim the trees and bushes, clean the rain gutters, wash the windows. For several years the brickwork around our concrete patio has been deteriorating. This year we were determined to repair it. We have had lots of experience with landscaping projects this summer and knew we could get the job done.

After a trip to Home Depot for pressure treated boards (boy are they heavy), we tore out the old wood and removed the bricks. We measured, cut and installed the new wood framework. Would you believe, we bought just the right amount of wood! We didn't have to make a second trip. At least not for wood. We had two tubes of sand in our garage that we used to place in the bed of the pickup for traction during the winter. Since we now leave the RV hitch in the bed, we don't need the sand. So we emptied the tubes into our construction project to seat the bricks. The next day, we went to the Big Tool Box, our local hardware, for five more tubes of sand. We returned later for six more, and yet again for another six. We didn't figure the sand as well as the wood.

Here is the project—after the framework was in but before we put in the bricks, and now all complete. Yea! We are so glad we tackled it right away. And we got it done while the weather was nice. Today the temperature never got above the low 30s.

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  1. RV to house...transitions...we are experiencing the same thing and know what you are going through. When we walked into the house after 7 months on the road, we walked into cobwebs as we entered each room. Like you, I cleaned those windows so I can see the bright California sunshine. Such a different life in the house compared to the RV isn't it!