Thursday, June 12, 2008

Living in a Rain Forest

Our window frames have started to grow whiskers and for days on end we couldn't see out because of all the condensation on the windows. Where we live in Colorado, that only happens when it is very cold outside. Now we are living in a rain forest during an exceptionally cold and wet spring. The humidity inside the RV was above 70%.

So last Saturday we decided to try to find a dehumidifier. We didn't have any luck at either the hardware store or Fred Meyers. But when we visited Englund Marine we were in luck—boats have humidity owners want to get rid of. We have been running the dehumidifier full-time since then, plus using the Shurflo vent fan whenever I am cooking and using the stove and bathroom exhaust fans. I am happy to report the inside humidity came down to the low 50% range. And we can see out the windows!

When we travel we are always learning new things. Living most of our lives in a dry climate, we are more used to running a humidifier than being careful to get rid of humidity. We certainly have learned something this time. And some Clorox and water has cleaned up the whiskers on the window frames.

We live in such a small place, I know even in the dark where everything is on the floor. I don't have to look before I step. But when we work outside in the mist and rain, we often come home with wet shoes. The best way to get them dry before we go to work the next day is to put them on the heat vents. We only have four of those. One is about two feet from the kitchen sink and the stove. I must have kicked over the shoes 10 times preparing dinner. It about drove me nuts. I may never learn to watch the floor as I do my dinner prep, however.

We hear the statement, "In life you can't wait out the storm, you have to learn to dance in the rain." That sure has been true for us here in Oregon. We are tired of the mist and rain, but we have learned to enjoy our work and time, even in the rain. We bought lightweight rain pants and rain jackets. They keep us dry and the jackets are great windbreakers, as well. It's all about attitude, and we love the people and the work here. So we have learned to dance in the rain.

On a more sober note, I don't know if we would dance in the rain, flooding and tornados plaguing the Midwest the past few weeks. What tragic events we see unfolding there.

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