Wednesday, June 04, 2008


This week we will celebrate our 43rd wedding anniversary. Marriages that last that long are fairly rare. And marriages that include two people who are best friends and who really enjoy being together and share almost all the same interests are really unusual. We are blessed to be able to live our life together and in the way we both enjoy.

I think couples who travel many months of the year together in an RV, by definition, have a good marriage. This life-style puts you in constant contact. We live in about 250 square feet. We often spend day after day side by side in the truck as we travel across the country. We go the same places, do the same things. We do our best to find volunteer assignments where we can work together. We may work with people who are very nice and meet great people as we travel, but the only person we really know day to day is our spouse.

Couples who don't have a good marriage must find this kind of life, if they enter into it by mistake, a real disappointment and strain. John and I, and many other RVers, find the closeness, the common life, a real joy and blessing. At this time in our life, we wouldn't have it any other way.

It takes some deliberate actions to make life work when you are as close as we are, day after day. We each find a little private time in the day because John rises early in the morning, while I sleep in a little while. In the evening, he goes to bed early and I stay up. We both enjoy the quiet time this provides.

Sometimes we go our separate ways for an hour or two. Maybe I do the laundry while he gets the truck serviced. Or he drives to get propane and I stay at the RV to get something done. But most of the time we are together.

We also find good communication a must. We can't let any disagreement or small slight fester. It must be addressed. There is no time or space for a major disagreement.

For years we each had our own activities. Sometimes I was at home with our two sons while John worked. For many years we left in separate cars to drive to work. In the evening we had to catch up on the day's activities. We still have a steady, on-going conversation. But since we have lived the same things during the day, it has a different focus.

Marriage to the right person is a real gift from God and we thank him regularly for ours.

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  1. Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad I love you both and am very proud to say that you are my role models in my marriage to Liz! Thanks for being such great parents! I love you both!