Sunday, April 13, 2008

The Saga Continues

Now we know what is wrong with the truck and we have an RV site where we can stay till it is repaired. But it wasn’t easy to get to this point. About 7:30 pm Wednesday evening Jeff called from Rydell Motors, telling us the transmission on our truck failed. They removed the pan (whatever that is) and found metal pieces. Thursday they would order a new one.

I told him we could stay where we were only through Sunday. He told us best case, they would find a transmission locally and we would be OK. If not, it might take a week!

Thursday we did our grocery shopping and looked for another RV park. That afternoon, Jeff said they were working on finding someone to move our RV that afternoon or Friday because our new transmission was coming from Wyoming, of all places, and wouldn’t be here till Tuesday or Wednesday.

We notified the park where we were staying that we would be out on Friday and made the reservation at Valencia Travel Village a few miles north on I-5. Friday, after stewing and fretting most of the day because we weren’t in control of the moving of our RV and we didn’t know when it would occur, at 3:30 pm a former Rydell employee finally arrived with his truck and fifth-wheel hitch to tow us to Valencia.

This is a large, open park right next to California Hwy 126, one mile from I-5. Our site is large and shaded, with quite a bit of highway noise. We will enjoy our time here, waiting and being tourists in Southern California.

Saturday we drove to the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley. This is the fifth presidential library we’ve seen in the past three years. It is interesting—focused on the close relationship between President and Mrs. Reagan, her style as First Lady, and Air Force One and the role it played in Reagan’s presidency. I feel President Truman’s was perhaps the best library we have visited. We learned so much about the issues he faced and life in America after World War II. We also have visited the libraries of Presidents Lyndon Johnson, George H. W. Bush and Bill Clinton.

We had planned to be nearly into Oregon by Wednesday. Instead we will still be here. But, since we have a time schedule for the repair of the truck and we are safely parked for the duration, we hope to really enjoy our time here. During our two months in Oregon, the temperature will probably only get into the 60s most days. So, this is our time to enjoy summer. Yesterday it was 92 degrees, today it is already 95.

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