Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Back to Normal--We Hope

Today we were able to pick up our Chevy truck with its brand new transmission, ready to pull our 5th-wheel trailer down the road—we hope. It's been a long week. Los Angeles isn't a bad place to spend a week. We have enjoyed good weather, toured the Reagan Presidential Library and the California Poppy Reserve and eaten good Mexican food. But we felt helpless when we couldn't tow our trailer and travel whenever we wanted to. And this isn't where we planned to spend a week.

But now we are ready to move again—north through California to the Redwood National Park, then on to a couple of stops along the Oregon Coast before we begin our volunteer assignment at Gnat Creek Fish Hatchery in northern Oregon.

We're grateful to the folks at Rydell Motors in Northridge for their good treatment when are truck needed repaired. And we're ready to get "on the road again."

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