Sunday, March 23, 2008

Snow at Chatfield State Park

What a day! It is truly springtime in the Rockies. As we returned from the Easter Vigil worship last night, a storm front was moving through, leaving us with about two inches of snow. The low temperature at our trailer this morning was 18. As we drove out to have breakfast with our son and his wife and two children, we crossed a river and the temperature registered 13. On Easter morning!

By noon, all the snow had melted. The high this afternoon was 50. The day was sunny and beautiful today. It ended with a pretty sunset.
Still, I would never have expected to see so many people camping in late March in Denver. Quite a few people left this afternoon, but there are still between 20 and 25 units here. A group of five RVs with probably 15 or more people have spent the day around the campfire, having a great time. There are a number of couples, as well as several children. They are probably here because it is spring break.

This is a great park. A lake for sailing, boating, fishing. A model airplane area, hot air balloon launch site, heron viewing facility, and lots of fishing. It is very popular with bicyclists. So in addition to the camping, there is extensive day use. We will definitely come here again before heading out on our travels.

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