Friday, March 21, 2008

Back on the Road

We are so happy to be back on the road again, even if we only drove 15 miles from home. This morning we loaded everything into the RV and drove to Chatfield State Park. We will spend three nights here, making sure we have everything we need and nothing that we could leave in the house. We also want to be sure the trailer systems are operating as they should.

In past years we have driven 200 miles to Lathrop State Park in Walsenburg to do all this. Today we wondered why we haven't come to Chatfield before. I already know I forgot to bring all the kitchen knives from the house and I don't need two large packages of paper napkins. Last year I forgot the cords to my laptop computer and we had to have our son overnight them to us. It will be much easier to drive home to get what we need.

We are really surprised at how many RVs are here in the state park. Granted, it is Easter weekend, and probably some schools are on spring break next week. But it is windy, the temperature is in the 50s and will be colder the next couple of days with light rain possible. Despite all this, there are about 35 camping units here by 7 pm.

It has been five months since we put the trailer in storage. We are so glad to be back in our small, traveling home. We can't wait to begin this year's adventures.

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