Monday, March 30, 2020

Writing, Writing, Writing

I have been writing for years and years and years.  It all began in grade school, writing for a small newsletter.  In junior high, I received my first byline--on a story in the school newspaper.  The love of writing continued in high school, where I was on the staff of the school paper--the South High Confederate.  In college, I majored in journalism and worked on the Colorado Daily.

After graduation, the writing continued. I was an intern for the Longmont Times-Call, I wrote for  church newsletters and edited the Episcopal Church Women's page in the Colorado Episcopalian.  When we began RVing, I decided to blog about our life.  Then I learned I could have the blogs printed in a book.  Just look at the stack!

The blog books are filled with color photos, so they became our scrapbooks.


About three years ago, I began working on writing the stories of my life. John had already been attending the life story classes here in our winter resort home. When he published his own life story, he encouraged me to do the same thing.

Here I am, holding the proof copy of that story, Not What I Planned:  Even Better.  I am so excited to get it done!  I can add it to the stack.

When I wrote in my blog about completing the print version, Gumo commented he would read it when it came out in the Kindle version.  Guess what, I did it!  Not without a struggle.  That format requires a different format.  You can see both versions for sale on Amazon in this screen shot.


  1. Congratulations of your life story. That's something Kathy has seriously thought about doing then she backed out.
    Be Safe and Enjoy your accomplishment.

    It's about time.

  2. I'm glad you are now officially published! Can you share the Amazon link to your ebook? I'm a nonfiction addict and really enjoy life stories of every day folks. That is why I enjoy the RV blogs so much. Thanks for sharing your writings!

  3. Congratulations!! Could you let me know where you got the blog printed. Time to go check out Amazon for authors I know :)

    1. They convert your blog posts into a book. You choose which posts, or the date range of the posts.

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