Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Family, Animals and Cactus in Tucson

We had a great time Tuesday exploring the Tucson Desert Museum with Tina and Vance, our niece and her husband.  They are spending this month in Arizona in the RV and we decided to meet at the museum.

I saw something new before we even paid our entrance fee.  A cell phone charging station!

Next, we saw these bronze statues of an adult javelina and 2 babies.

The museum has a number of Sonoran Desert native animals.  I sure wouldn't want to encounter this mountain lion on a hike.

This black bear would be equally as frightening.

This is a wolf.

Here is a cold, wet roadrunner.

A bobcat

This mountain sheep ram kept butting this log, then licking it.  We couldn't figure out why.

The Rufus hummingbird was one of several in the aviary.

Of course, a desert museum also includes cactus, lots and lots of cactus plants.

We were most impressed with the cactus gardens in Tucson.  The animals were interesting.  And we had an enjoyable lunch in the on-site grill.

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  1. Looks like you had an Enjoyable visit exploring the Desert Museum.
    Be Safe and Enjoy Tucson.

    It's about time.