Friday, August 02, 2019

Family and a Wedding

Our main purpose in coming to the Montrose area was to attend the wedding of our great niece,  Sarah, to Isaac Miles.

We knew where to find the wedding from this sign out on the road..

This display greeted us after we parked our truck.

 Here are  Sarah and Isaac at the end of the ceremony.

It took place in this beautiful setting, next to a pond on her dad's back yard.  This is where she grew up.


Here is her dad, Blake (our nephew) just after he seated his mother and John's sister, Cindy.

We spent time with many family members--Craig, Blake's brother, and his daughter Tara.

 Here (from left to right)  are Vance and his wife, Blake's sister Tina; John; Blake's sister Becky and her husband Thad, and Cindy.

Mary Beth, Sarah's mother, and her husband Fred.

It was a beautiful day and we were so happy we could take part in this joyous event.  Since we travel for months at a time and spend our winters in Arizona, we miss out on time with family.  It is always good when we can do things like this.

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