Tuesday, April 09, 2019

Successful Tough Hike

Last week we went on the toughest hike we have attempted in two years. And we made it! We hiked to Fremont Saddle where we could see Weaver's Needle.

We have hiked that trail several times over the years we have been coming to Arizona. It is full of rocks that make the hike treacherous. It is uphill, but that isn't really a problem. Coming down is more difficult. I fell when I took my eyes off the ground. No serious injury but a good cut on my shin with lots of blood and a few bruises and scrapes.

Here are some of the scenes along the way.

Near the top we had a great view of the Phoenix valley.

John sat and rested among the rocks when we took a break.

We hope to keep in shape hiking so we can continue to tackle a few challenging trails.


  1. Hope to be able to tackle that hike one day.

  2. looks like a great hike. good for you guys. I am with you, I can go up like a mountain goat but going down hill is so hard and takes so much longer. glad you are ok.