Wednesday, January 02, 2019

A Great Way tp End and Start a Year

We came to Houston to see where our granddaughter Kylie is attending university and swimming on the Couger women's swim team.  Kylie's parents and brother--our son Eric, wife Liz, and our grandson John--were here, too. We hadn't seen any of them in months so it was a special way to bring 2018 to an end and begin 2019.

On New Year's Eve, we met Eric, Liz and John for a BBQ lunch.

After some good conversation and catching up on each other, they headed down to Galveston where they are staying for a few days.

New Year's Day we met them on the University of Houston campus and drove to Kylie's apartment so she could show us around campus.

The campus is decorated with lots of modern art. Here is one building with what looks to me like polished graffiti, but what do I know?

One art work Kylie really likes is this serpentine piece. It is lit at night and the words projected on the surrounding concrete.

We ended our visit with lunch at Kylie's favorite taco place downtown. The food was really good and we again had a good visit. Finally, we needed to get back to our RV, Kylie needed to get back to her room and the others headed back to Galveston.

It was good to them.  We don't know when we will be together again.

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