Saturday, January 27, 2018

Hiking With Family

The Hieroglyphic Trail is probably our favorite trail in the nearby Superstition Mountains.  Our niece, Tina, and her husband, Vance, wanted to go on a hike when they visited us earlier in the week, so that is where we went. The mornings have been pretty chilly, so we were all  dressed warmly.

Tina and I talked and talked while we hiked. Here you can see us lagging behind John and Vance. The Phoenix skyline is in the background.

There are beautiful saguaro cactus along the trail.

We encounter a bunch of horse back riders along the way.

When we finished the hike and returned to Superstition Views, we had lunch at the Cactus Grill before Tina and Vance returned to their trailer in Picacho Peak State Park. It was a great visit and a good hike. Come back anytime, Tina and Vance.

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