Saturday, July 22, 2017

Where Did That Come From?

Where on earth did this really long screw come from?  We didn't know what the problem was but when John checked the trailer tires Thursday in preparation to drive to Chatfield State Park on Friday, he found that one of the tires only had 30 pounds pressure instead of the normal 65.  Oops!

We called our road service company, Coach-Net, and they sent out a tow truck from the nearby town of Berthoud to remove the low-pressure tire and put on the spare.

We were very impressed with the service.  Coach-Net called to tell us the truck would be there in 45 minutes.  The driver, Jake, called us when he was 10 minutes away.  And by the time he had started to work we received a call to be sure help had arrived.

John watched as Jake jacked up the trailer.

Once the tire was off, they inspected it to see if they could find the problem.

Yep, the screw pictured at the top of this post was imbedded deeply in the tire.  No wonder it was leaking air.  Jake put in a plug so the tire wouldn't leak and put it back on the trailer.  One of these days we will have the tire repaired even better, but hopefully this will hold till we return to Arizona.

We needed to get on the road Friday so we could see family in Littleton.  We shared adult beverages and chips and dip with our son Eric and his wife Liz and grandson John.  Kylie, our granddaughter is in Oregon swimming the in sectional meet.  We will see her next week.


  1. Glad the tire was repairable. As long as the screw didn't chew the tire up too badly the plug should last for quite a long time.
    Have fun visiting with the family.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. Thanks for posting a possitive post on the service you got, glad it worked for you.

  3. Scary! I'm afraid we're not very diligent about checking tires. I'm going to have Ron do that right now!

    1. You obviously have internet again. Good to hear from you. Hope you're still enjoying New Mexico.

  4. Just getting caught up on my reading. Congratulations on the 49th state. Glad you found the tire issue before taking off. We're looking forward to spending a few weeks in CO this fall as we travel to AZ.