Thursday, January 26, 2017

Are We Really in Arizona?

Wednesday we hiked the Saguaro Lake trail with our friends Ron and Barbara. The temps have been really cold for Arizona, as you can see in these two pictures.

The trail, which is 4 miles out and back, goes along the lake but sometimes we could see it and sometimes we couldn't. When we could see it, there were great views.

We also saw folks fishing and ducks, including these lesser scaups.

The views weren't too shabby when we were away from the lake, either. There were incredibly green hillsides because of all the rain we have had, great rock formations and beautiful saguaros and other cactus plants.

We also saw snow on some mountains on the horizon

It was a fun trail and a good time with good friends.


  1. Great pictures! See, no reason for me to take any. ;-D

  2. Use any of them you need. Don't discount your camera. You get some great photos with it.