Wednesday, July 27, 2016

What a Surprise

For several years as we have driven I-25 north of Denver we have passed St. Vrain State Park. It is a fairly new state park and we really didn't think we were interested because it is right along the highway. This trip we wanted to stay in the area for a few more days, including a weekend, in hopes we could receive the title paperwork for our new trailer and get it registered. Since our favorite parks--Chatfield and Cherry Creek--are booked solid on weekend months in advance, we decided to try St. Vrain.

What a delightful surprise to find a great state park. There is some highway noise in part of the park, but there are also numerous ponds, providing good scenery and trails and, most of all, reflections. And I can take pictures of reflections all day and (almost) all night. Here are just a few of the photos we took.

One view I didn't care for was this one. But when you are in an urban area, you can't have everything.

We did do a few things besides walking 5 miles a day around the ponds and taking photos. We were able to register both the new truck and the new trailer and we met Longmont friends Larry and Betty for lunch.   Hopefully we will see them in Arizona this winter.

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