Sunday, December 13, 2015

A Good Day

After our tense and exciting morning at the swim meet, Kylie spent the afternoon taking a nap and doing homework. We did a little shopping and picked up a Subway for lunch. We returned to the University of Texas campus and the swimming area in time for the evening finals competition. After watching the final heats of the men's and women's 1650 yard (that is one mile, imagine!), competition, it was time for the 200 yard back men's and women's race.

It is special and somewhat unusual for a swimmer on their first time in the Junior Nationals to reach the finals. We are so proud of Kylie for doing that. She swam in the second of three heats. She didn't come first, second or third, but she did well and we were all proud of her. She felt good about the race. Her time in this event has placed her 12th in all junior women in the Western US.

We went to dinner at Pei Wei with Kylie, Liz and her coach Bill to celebrate her accomplishments.

We are so glad our lifestyle allows us to do things like this. When we decided to travel full time and even long times in our RV, what we gave up was the daily or at least weekly contact with our son and his family in Colorado. Being able to attend events like this make up for part of that loss.

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  1. Congratulations on a job well done, so nice you were able to share it with her.