Sunday, August 21, 2011

Another Reunion

We were reminded again this weekend that it has been 50 years since we graduated from high school. In June, we attended my 50th reunion. I was one of 908 to graduate from South High in Denver in 1961. This weekend we attended John's reunion. He was one of 54 in the class of 1961 at Douglas County High School. Today the county is booming and there are nine high schools. In 1961 DCHS was the only one.

Friday evening we had a get-together at the Eagles lodge in Castle Rock. And Saturday we had a dinner at the beautiful new Douglas County Events Center on the fair grounds. We had both lived in Castle Rock for nearly nine years in the 1970s and 1980s, so there were some people I knew. And, of course, John knew all his classmates--at least after they reminded each other of their names. We didn't have name tags, so it took the little reminder sometimes. Here is the group we sat with at dinner.

The 26 members of the class that made it to the reunion posed for a group photo.

John was one of seven members of the class who had attended school together in Castle Rock for 12 years. They, too, had their picture taken.

We also had some good family time over the weekend. After the gathering on Friday night, we drove to Littleton and spent the night at our son Eric's house. That evening and Saturday we enjoyed seeing family. Our granddaughter Kylie, age 11, and now in middle school, explained this hair covering by saying she wore it as a fashion statement.

Grandson John, age six and in the first grade, is playing football this fall. His team is the Patriots.

Our daughter-in-law Liz's dad and his wife dropped by, so we all had lunch together on their patio. It was a beautiful day to be outside.

It was a great weekend and very busy. We returned to Lathrop exhausted, but glad we had been able to attend the reunion and see our family.

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  1. John must have skipped a few grades. He can't possible be as old as those other people!