Friday, February 05, 2010

What Kind of Oil?

Yesterday, as we were driving home from a hike, we passed this sign.

I couldn't read everything on the sign, so I wondered what kind of oil they were talking about--a new oil well? A short distance down the road we spotted this sign.

Last week, while working in the visitor center at the Ruins, a woman asked me how to get to Queen Creek from Coolidge. She wanted to take her visitors to the olive mill there. So, now I knew what kind of oil they were talking about! We turned around to check out the mill.

I often use olive oil in cooking, but I really don't like eating olives. Obviously, lots of people do, not just my husband. The restaurant and store at the Olive Mill were packed. They sell oodles of foods made from olives and olive oil. Since our truck was full of groceries, we made a quick tour of the store, then left. They even have outdoor restaurant seating in the olive grove.

Earlier in the day we hiked the Goldmine Trail at San Tan Mountain Regional Park. We had last been there on New Year's Day. Since then, we have had lots of rain. You can really see the green coming out.

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