Wednesday, November 11, 2009

For Pet Lovers Only

If you have never loved a pet for many years, you might not be interested in reading this post. In fact, you will probably think we are crazy when you read it--even if you do love your pet.

We have two wonderful old cats, PC, age 17, and Partner, 16. PC is the gray tabby, Partner is black and white.

For six years, diabetic PC has been receiving a daily insulin shot. He is an old man, with arthritis in his back and dementia. Partner has numerous allergies and serious digestive tract problems, leading to frequent vomiting. For the past 16 months he has received medicine with his meals, three times a day.

All of this information explains why we cover the carpet in our trailer and our chairs with plastic--to protect them from Partner. We also have Plexiglas fences to keep PC from using the corners instead of the litter box.

We got so tired of the plastic on the floor, we went shopping for new flooring. We chose an Armstrong vinyl that looks like wood laminate and it was installed yesterday. First we had to confine the cats to our bedroom, after covering the bed and the floor with plastic, of course.

Then Tony and George from Mesa Sales removed the old carpet and vinyl, prepared the floor, and spread out the new flooring.

A week ago we had purchased two new leather chairs. They were crowded onto the living room slide while the work was being done.

Here is our new living space. As you can see, we still have the Plexiglas fences and plastic covering the carpet on the slide. But the area where we walk looks great, and its not covered with plastic. We're not in danger of tripping on it and falling.

This is one of the new chairs.

This is one of the new chairs, covered with plastic to protect it from Partner when we are not in the trailer to provide adult supervision. We love those cats so much, but they sure do complicate our lives.

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  1. You make great sacrifices for your two cats. They are obviously very important to you. They have already lived longer than most cats under wonderful circumstances.

    I love my animals, particularly my dog Heidi but I accept death as a part of life.