Wednesday, August 26, 2009

7th Ranch

This is the office where I spend my work days at 7th Ranch. The building was first used for the announcer when rodeos were held in the area behind the building.

The campground is extremely well-run, with excellent facilities. Almost every single comment card we receive reports they are extremely pleased and many say it is the best campground they have stayed in for a long time. It is certainly good to work for a place that serves its customers well and where we never have to apologize or feel bad about the experience the campers have.

This is the first time we have taken a work camping position in a commercial RV park. We will probably never do it again, either. Like I said, we feel good about this park. However, when we volunteer at a state or national park or fish and wildlife facility, we feel we are providing something extra they wouldn't have otherwise, because of limited budgets. Here, we are necessary just to keep the facility operating. That increases the responsibility or pressure of the job. In government parks we know our responsibilities and the hours we must work. Often, we can do the duties assigned whenever we please. In a commercial park, we know when to show up and we are told what to do with our time. We prefer the freedom and flexibility of the government positions. However, we will complete our assignment here. We will do what we agreed to. But, never again will we accept a position that says "so many hours for your site, additional hours at $8 an hour." Those additional hours can be the real problem.

The decorations are very creative. Below are pictures of some of the old farm equipment around the campground.

There are several bird feeders (and lots of grasshoppers) around the office, so I am always surrounded by many birds—especially male and female American Goldfinches. It is so fun to watch them. We also have Western Meadowlarks and Mourning Doves, as well as assorted sparrows.

Part of my responsibility is to water the lawns around the office. I get lots of exercise moving the hoses, even building some muscle when I drag a long hose a long distance. At least I get outside each day.

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  1. Carol,

    You make an interesting observation about commercial vs. government parks – feeling like you are providing something extra when working for the government vs. feeling like you are on a “job” or “working” when at a commercial park.

    I never thought about the differences in that way. I just knew that when I worked at the 55+ park, it felt like a normal job and that I was “working” rather than volunteering and possibly making a difference. Something for us to think about when choosing our next assignment – wherever that might be.

    Thanks for your insight.