Sunday, February 01, 2009


Since mid-December, we have focused on packing, sorting, deciding what to sell, pricing for a garage sale, arranging the garage sale, holding the garage sale, finding a mover who could store our stuff, packing boxes, selling items to antique dealers, etc., etc., etc.
This is the garage sale before anyone arrived.

This is the same room after the movers took everything to storage.

Finally, we have moved into our Montana 5th wheel trailer. This is the sunrise we saw this morning.
This is our trailer at Chatfield State Park southwest of Denver, where we are spending four nights as we get organized for our new life--full-time on the road.
The past month and a half have been exhausting. Every single day we have worked toward this new life. We have delivered 14 boxes of books to the library and churches, we have given massive amounts of stuff to ARC and Goodwill, we have sold more stuff--some of it good antiques, some of it used junk--to antiques dealers, folks who saw our ads on Craigslist, consignment shops and garage sale addicts. We also have left maybe 30 sacks of trash for the trash trucks and taken many bags and boxes to recycle and to a shredder. What we couldn't part with, we have packed for storage. And the things we can't part with that we think we might want to use in the next few years, we have stored in a unit we can access whenever we want.

It has been very hard work--more than we imagined. And that is because we owned more stuff than we knew we had and we had to decide--item by item--whether it was important or not, and if it wasn't important what we would do with it. "Build it and they will come." No, for us it was build the space and we will fill it with stuff.

By last fall we decided we wanted a different life. So in December, as soon as we finished decorating and shopping for Christmas, we worked to clear the decks and get ready to be full-time RVers. Just look at the sunrise above, as well as where we are parked and you can appreciate the life we want to live year-round. We are so glad the work is done and now we can enjoy our new life.

So, we are off to Arizona for three months!
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  1. You did it! Congratulations and I wish you well on your new adventure.


  2. Well, come on down! Congrats on the big move and surviving it. See you down the road.

  3. I just came across a quote I had tucked into my "save it" file that seems appropriate--"Endings are just beginnings that hurt a lot." I'm missing you already and at the same time wishing you great joy in this expanded RV adventure!
    I tried to change the display name for my Google account and couldn't figure it out. But you'll recognize the gal from Greeley who grew up on a sheep ranch in Western Colorado! :)

  4. What a chore, ending one life style and commiting full time to another. It must have been hard to part with some things that were part of your life for years.

    You obviously are people who look ahead down the road and not back.

    I can imagine you pulling out with the radio playing, "On the road again. . . "

    Bon voyage!