Friday, July 18, 2008

Views at White River Wildlife Area

This is our view of Mt. Hood out our front door. Click on each photo for a better view.

An American Goldfinch comes to the feeder almost every day.

This is the male California Quail that is raising a family near our trailer.

Last weekend we drove over to the White River Falls, not far from the wildlife area. Aren't these three falls great? As you drive through the nearby farm fields, you never expect to see something like this. We were glad Aimee brought us here during our orientation.

From the falls, we drove along the Deschutes River to Sherar Falls. Members of the nearby Warm Springs Indian Reservation have exclusive fishing rights at this point on the river. You can see the platforms they have built for their use.

Upstream a little distance, rafting is a major activity on the Deschutes. We saw numerous rafts riding the rapids. It looks like a lot of fun on a hot day. The float trips begin at the town of Maupin.
This week we clear one mile of trail next to an irrigation ditch used by White River Wildlife Area. This shows one section as John begins cutting down the brush.
Thirty minutes later this how the same section or trail looked.

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