Sunday, May 13, 2007

Whole again

Finally—we’re all back together and set to go after the ladder on our 5th wheel broke March 21 in Louisiana! We were driving north on I-55—a very bumpy road—when a trucker honked at us. John looked in the mirror and saw the bikes hanging at a strange angle. When we were able to pull over, we discovered that the ladder, where the bikes were hanging, had broken. They were only hanging on one connection to the trailer. Thank God, they hadn’t fallen off and caused others to have an accident. We took them down and stored them in our RV—not an optimum solution, but the best available at the time.

When we arrived in Hot Springs, we began searching for a bike rack that would carry the bikes on the front of our truck. Two companies referred us to Truck Buddy, where we found installing hitch receivers on the front of trucks happened fairly often. That receiver was installed in April.

We then located a Keystone dealer to order a new ladder for our Keystone Montana. On Tuesday we drove 75 miles north of Hot Springs to Russellville, where the new ladder was installed. Finally, $445 later, we are good to go. We are able to climb onto the Montana roof, carry the bikes on the front of the truck and tow the 5th wheel on the back. Our ladder shouldn’t fall off again.

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