Tuesday, March 06, 2007

RV Makeover Complete

It’s wonderful! We love the colors we chose for the carpet, vinyl and day/night shades. And the workmanship of the installation is great. The color of the carpet, vinyl and sofa pick up the light background of the floral print already in the RV. And the new, lighter colors really brighten up the area. It seems larger inside the living/dining area. The previous green carpet, floral couch and wood flooring were darker. The new sofa is also much more comfortable.

We had been searching the yellow pages and the internet for someone to do this work. When we met Bob and Donna of RV Interiors by Donna at the RV show, we were excited to know it could be done before we left on our travels. But, since we didn’t know them, we didn’t know how it would turn out. And we weren’t sure about our choice of materials. But when we walked inside the day we picked up the trailer, we knew everything had turned out well. We are so pleased.

We loved this trailer from the minute we walked into it. We don’t understand why it had sat in the lot for months and no one bought it. But that meant we got a really good deal in 2003. We still love it. We haven’t seen another unit we like better—meaning we have never been tempted to buy something new. But it was getting a bit shabby after five to seven months of use each year. And the sofa was sagging. Now it is renewed and beautiful. We can set out for seven months in a fresh, attractive 5th wheel trailer.

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